Horton Brothers Printing began in 1967 when Roger Horton & Winston Horton bought a 10 x 15 Multilith Printing Press from Central High School (for $750). They made a light table with a carpenter’s square for stripping negatives. Their camera was a tomato can with a small hole covered with cheesecloth and a small vacuum frame to contact typesetting direct to the film. Winston had a 16 x 20 outbuilding behind his house where the operation began.

Winston worked the night shift at Democrat Printing & Lithographing and Rogers worked days at Peerless Engraving. Roger worked at night printing the jobs that Winston would sell and deliver during the day. This continued for about a year until a 20 x 40 building was built in Roger’s backyard. More equipment was added to keep up with the work load, a 11 x 17 2/color Multilith and a hand operated cutter.

The operation continued to grow and in 1969 a building was rented at 301 E. Washington in North Little Rock, Roger began to work full time in the business with 2 full time employees and their father, Lindell Horton.

More equipment was added as money became available, a 17 x 22 Harris single color, a small hand fed press for numbering and perforating and a small table folder. The staff grew to five. In January 1975 Winston left his job at DP&L to begin full time at Horton Brothers. Business continued to grow and in 1976 a new 5,000 square foot building was built at 4th and Orange Streets in North Little Rock. The staff was now 12.

In 1981 bigger equipment was needed to keep up with the work load, a 9,500 square foot building on Sardis Road in Mabelvale was purchased, and a second company Horton and Horton Printing Company began. A 38” 2/color Miehle Press was purchased in Canada for the Sardis Road plant and after 2 years a 4/color Solna Press was added. Roger operated the Mabelvale Plant and Winston operated the North Little Rock plant. Business continued to grow and 5,000 sq. ft. was added to the North Little Rock plant in 1984 to house a larger folder and stitcher.

In 1998 4,000 sq. ft. was added to the Mabelvale location and a 5/c 40” Heidelberg Press was installed.

In 2000 a new office facility was built directly behind the plant in North Little Rock and a 4/c 25” Heidelberg Press was purchased.

Horton Brothers currently has 25 employees and Horton and Horton has 19.

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